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We hope this list of frequently asked questions is helpful to you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at 561-225-1950.
Why choose DejaVu Estate Sales and Auction?

DejaVu is the only full-service estate liquidation company in South Florida! Not every estate is the same and in these challenging times, liquidating an estate by yourself can be a daunting task, not to mention extremely stressful. The staff at DejaVu is experienced and knowledgeable about current market values and has connections with worldwide buyers and dealers.

Our goal is to eliminate the worry and stress you would face by dissolving the estate by yourself and give you a greater rate of return. Our four-part estate liquidation process sets us apart from the rest. We offer estate sales in the home, consignment services in our 20,000 square ft. showroom located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, monthly auctions with thousands of on-line bidders, and cleanout services.

The staff at DejaVu will come up with a plan that works best in your situation. Usually, it’s a combination of all four services.

What happens if Florida is in lockdown and my home is sold?

The auction and moving business are considered “essential” business. Your home needs to be empty at the time of closing unless you have made arrangements with the buyer. During the three month shut down this past winter, DeJaVu closed the retail showroom, but the auction house and our on-line stores remained open. Several clients had emergency closings- but we were able to completely empty their home and warehouse everything- allowing them to close on their homes.

WHY auctions?

The auction business is booming right now! More and more people are choosing to purchase items online and many times they pay more! We have been amazed at all the different items we are selling at auction right now.

Having a national and international market is vital in this economy. Many items that are difficult to sell in Florida are still very desirable in other areas. We have thousands of buyers signing up for our online auctions and it’s made a big difference.

What is a top-rated auctioneer?

To become a top-rated auctioneer you need to have a rating of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars and be in the top 20% for Responsiveness, Shipping, Payment, and Accuracy. We are currently rated at 4.7 stars and in the top 2% of auctioneers in the world by Live Auctioneers, the largest online auction platform.

How do you advertise the sale?

We have been marketing estate sales for over 30 years and have a large list of local, national, and international dealers, buyers, and collectors that we email prior to the sale. We target advertise on several Internet and social media sites and in the local papers. In addition, we post multiple signs to attract the local community.

What kinds of items do you sell?

Antiques, furniture, collectibles, clothing, housewares, guns, jewelry (even old costume or broken), tools, appliances, garden equipment, cleaning supplies (even half boxes of Brillo pads), etc. all sell at estate sales.

For the most part, furniture and higher-end accessories sell better in our retail showroom. We have interior designers on staff and a large following of interior decorators and stagers.

And for really high-end items, Art, Estate Jewelry, Designer and Couture handbags and shoes, and Mid Century Modern items- our auction is really the best avenue.

What should I throw out?

Absolutely nothing! Don’t clean, sort, or throw anything away. Simply take the items that your family wants to keep and we will take care of the rest. Remember that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. We have the experience and the knowledge to know what is valuable and what isn’t. A perfect example is a customer that was planning on donating a painting he purchased 30 years ago for $20 at a gas station to Goodwill. The current market value was $12,000!

And so many times, people don’t realize what they have! That’s why you always need to have a professional come in to help you.

What happens if a check bounces?

DejaVu is 100% responsible for accepting checks or credit cards. Our client is never responsible.

What questions should I ask before choosing an estate sale company?
  • How many days do you think it will take to set up?
  • What happens to the items that do not sell?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • What is your commission?
  • Are there fees besides your commission?
  • Do you have insurance? With whom?
  • How long after the sale will I be paid?
  • Do you have an appraiser on staff or access to one?
  • What is your field of expertise? Antiques, Art, Furniture, etc?
  • How many people do you generally have staff a sale like mine?
  • How will my home be left? Broom Clean, Empty, etc?
  • Do you or your employees buy items?
  • Do you have a store?
  • Do you have a contract? Can I take a copy home with me to look over?
  • Do you pre-sell or allow people early entry?
  • Do you charge sales tax?
  • Do you have any sales coming up that I could visit to see how your sales are conducted?
  • How many days will the sale itself be?
  • When would you be able to do the sale (dates and times)?
  • Do you offer security? What will it cost?
Question That Wasn’t Answered? Please Call 561-225-1950

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